Tide Coldwater

I was recently given a full size bottle of Tide Coldwater Detergent to try from Shespeaks and P&G. I have always been told to get clothes cleaner you have to use hot water and have always thought that was an awful lot of wasted money down the drain. I was excited to receive this product to try because its definitely much easier and quicker to not have to switch from hot to cold and if you are like me you probably forget to switch it sometimes too. 

Tide Coldwater liquid detergent is specifically formulated to help get clothes clean when they are washed in cold water. Switching to washing in cold water is a great way to get all your clothes amazingly clean while also helping to conserve energy and save money on your utility bill. These were all great reasons for me to give it a try, I have used it on about 5 loads so far, whites, lights, and darks, and I have been greatly satisfied with the results. When you have a family to do laundry for the dirty clothes never stop and if you are always using hot water that is a LOT of money! My husband works on Army vehicles and comes home very dirty so I made sure that I tried it on his clothes and the grease and grime came off very well.

So if you are concerned about wasting money and you want fresh and clean clothes everytime I suggest you give Tide Coldwater a try.

*I received the sample bottle of Tide Coldwater and a gift card from P&G via SheSpeaks for this review however the opinions are my own.


frugalmommieof2 said...

My husband is a machinist and his clothes are filthy. I was impressed that this got so much dirt out of his work clothes. Thanks for stopping by my blog.


pinkmk said...

Great review, thank you for sharing.

Dawn said...

Tide Coldwater got our socks clean and bright again! Great review!

Mom of Two said...

I just gave you the Versatile Blogger Award on my blog. Please come check it out!

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